Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeschool Pre-K Yr 2 Week 1

We started our second year of home school last week.
 Mishu tried arranging big and small alphabets in order.
 It is raining here almost everyday so I chose Rain to be the theme of this month. Mishu thought and worked on a rainy day scene collage. I must tell you that he worked really hard on it. He explored the beauty and possibilities of dry pastels. We talked about how we can use these chalk kind of colours in different ways. He tried rubbing the pastel directly on the paper, rubbing cotton on the pastel and then rub the cotton on paper to get light shades, he used his fingers, side of hand and base of palm to colour the background.

 We had already worked on the collage pieces before doing the background. My work included cutting airplane from newspaper, drawing umbrella and clouds + cutting out Mishu's drawings.

 We recently did ai words and Mishu tried writing Rain for his collage. The one who is holding umbrella is Mishu, the way he likes when we go out.
 Later that evening he sat outside and told me how he could see different shapes and colours in the sky. :)
 More artwork from the week : He used dry pastels, white pen and a feather from my feather collection.
 I have started this basket of month system and hoping that it'll work for us. I kept all the books that we'll be reading this month in this basket so that we don't go hunting for books every morning.

 We started Jolly Phonics workbook in the last week of July and Mishu likes it a lot. I have read on so many blogs that how kids don't like workbooks but my kid is enjoying them now and I know these are phases there might be a phase when he just won't want to do that.
 Letter of the week was Y and Mishu did some coloirng, pasting yellow tissue paper and wrapping yarn on a cardboard Y. He likes making alphabets with these Lego style blocks. We tried some yodeling too:)
These are the words that he'll be reading whole this month as Sounds of the month are ie, ng, oo, oa, ai, or, ee and lonley vowel (e and o). I know it seems a lot but he has already been doing these sounds for past few weeks now.
 I made this wheel for practising lonely e words.

Recently Mishu has shown love for numbers and this page was a big achievement for him.


  1. Wow! Love reading all these fabulous learning activities you two are upto. have to chat with you soon!

  2. This is so wonderful, Himadri! You are a fantastic, creative homeschooler. I love the wheel to practice long e sounds! : ) How creative! Keep it up sweet friend!

  3. Hi himadri, I stumbled on your blog few days back and have been going through your posts. I love your homeschooling posts and really happy to see your son enjoying the activities. My daughter is 3 yrs old and will start school next month. I've been doing some activities with her at home but I'm not regular, which I'm working on. One thing I noticed is she loses interest very quickly, or asks me to do it after trying for 1-2 times, I don't know how to encourage her to finish an activity, or to keep her engaged. Do you have any tips on this. Another thing I wanted to ask is I noticed you made some words on bits of paper (words from the books your son reads) even while he was still learning alphabets. What is the purpose of this, my daughter is not aware of alphabets as I haven't thought her, is it right to introduce words before knowing all alphabets? I'm confused, plz help.

    1. Hi Anonymous:)....Thanks for liking what we are doing here. My kid is four now and we still face the challenge of keeping him engaged and still need to encourage him to finish what he has startd. I still loose my patience :) but gradually I have learnt that its okay for him to try different things and move from one activity to another because when he does so he actually find one or two activities intresting and likes to stick to it for weeks or days. For eg. there was a point where he was only intrested in blocks and other time he only wanted to draw faces or he'd sit for hours and make puzzles. these are happy days for me. but there are these times also when he wont finish one activiity and move to another and would want me to finish. yes its challenging but i am learing to surround him with lot of different kinds of things eg. different kinds of colours (markers, crayons, water colours, pastel colours etc), papers (coloured and plain), blocks, clay, big and small toys, sensory play items like cloured rice, sand. When he asks me to finish one activity I do it but only when he is sitting with me and watching not when he is off to something else. i keep telling myself that end result is not important...process is.
      second thing that u asked was about the alphabets. I have started teaching him alphabets when he was one and a half years old. not with an intention of teaching but to sing. we didnt do the normal ABCDEFG kind of song i taught him phonics...we loved the sounds and sang it all the time, gradually he started recognizing the alphabets and read his first word CAT when he was around 2 and a half. it was more of fun for us than learning. as far as learning of alphabets is concerned yes we keep revising it because when they dont revise they forget. at this stage he knows all small and big alphates and writes these too. but some day he'd say mum i forgot how to make small L. :)))
      Thank you for stopping by and writing. i am not writing here these days I have another blog where I share my artwork but I feel I should not neglect this one and share what we are doing at home. If you have more to ask or share plz feel free.



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