Friday, August 3, 2012

Learning to draw Bodies and Warli Art

Mishu likes to draw faces and he has been drawing faces for many months now. Recently I thought of encouraging him to draw bodies as well. I have been showing him paintings, photographs, how to draw books so he can observe the shapes of bodies, dresses, hands and legs. He has shown a lot of interest and has tried drawing feet, shoes, hands and phone in  hand :))
Yesterday I noticed this Warli art in this book. This is NCERT Hindi book for first grade. We have been reading this book for two months now and we both like it a lot. We like the poems and small stories. But yes the idea of noticing the people and style in the Warli art came to me yesterday only. Along with many illustrations the book has two double pages of warli paintings and it has madhubani as well as orissi painting too. I hope they can consider improving the quality of pages they use.

Warli art is originally done by the tribal community called Warlis living in Maharashtra. More information about Warlis is here
The first step was to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this art. Mishu guessed what they were doing, how they had drawn houses and  shapes he saw. He tried pretty hard but every time he tried to draw a triangle for body he ended up with a square and rectangle. I drew simple figures for him on a notebook, we worked on step by step process of drawing two triangles for body but whenever he tried himself he got a square or rectangle body.
I am glad he tried and today morning I surprised him with a white pen and dark coloured cards. I bought this white pen for myself and for my artwork but he got to try it first. :))))))
 In the picture above he tried drawing three boys (two with spiky hair) and an animal with long antlers.
So both of us are impressed with tribal art at the same time. Here is what I finished yesterday night. I did this Aztec inspired feathers and leaf. I have another blog My Zen Mode for my artwork and if you are interested in my artwork you can follow my Facebook page for updates.


  1. Wow love the way how u teach Meeshu the figures n love how he draws by himself.


  2. Hi Himadri, Where can I find this NCEERT Hindi book? When I searched online, the NCERT hindi book for Grade was Rhimjim. Thanks Gayathri



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