Friday, June 17, 2011

Love thy Trees

Trees are your best antiques. ~Alexander Smith
This is our second creation for Forest Fiesta. Scroll down to see our mixed media forest we made for this blog event planned by Rashmie of Mommy Labs to celebrate World Environment Day (june5).
Pari (Rashmie’s daughter) created a three dimensional nature collage and it gave me an idea for our collage. Thanks to her.
This is not exactly what I had planned but I love it. Mishu enjoyed the whole process and his main focus was on cutting heart shapes from play dough using cookie cutters.
We started by gathering our materials which included homemade play dough (green, orange and yellow), cookie cutters, plasticine moulds, corrugated sheet, thermocol (I cut clouds from it), gravel, shells and other tools.
Mishu immediately started working on heart shape leaves for our tree. I need to roll the playdough so that he can cut shapes using moulds or cutters.
 Meanwhile I cut trunks and branches from corrugated sheet. I added a layer of green play dough for grass and for grass effect I pressed fork into it.
Later Mishu pressed shells and gravel to it. He wanted to finish it quickly so that he could go back to cutting heart shapes.
Then I pressed play dough hearts on the trunks and braches. I tried to put them in such a way that all the corrugated pieces stuck together.
Remember I told you in my previous post that Mishu wanted to have sun and clouds in the mixed media forest we made. Mishu helped me in laying layers of yellow play dough for sky. We pressed thermocol clouds and orange play dough sun on the sky.
Mishu was keen to add a butterfly. He used plasticine mould for play dough butterfly and I placed on the tree trunk. He pressed buttons on it. Hope you all like what we created this afternoon.


  1. Beautiful !! Loved both your entries, my favorite being the forest with lots of trees. How clever to use wood shavings (reminds me when we used to make flowers of it as a kid), loved that idea.

  2. Himadri,
    Loved all the artwork you and Mishu made for Forest Fiesta. Thank you for mentioning Pari's playdough leaves collage.. :)

  3. love this so much! my 5 yr old boy would go crazy for it- great idea- thanks for sharing!

  4. What a sweet smile Mishu has!

  5. I love the 3 dimensional collage! Great idea. Thanks for visiting Creative and Curious Kids!


  6. Un collage precioso!!!! saludoss



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